Songs that can make you cry (most probably sad)

There are some songs that just strike a chord in you. You just sit down and listen and suddenly you get emotional and weepy and sad. Sometimes you hurt along with the artist and sometimes you feel like you understand what the artist is trying to say because you’ve felt it before or are feeling it. These types of songs are perfect for your mood sometimes. Other times you just appreciate the wording and lyrics. Here is a short list of sad song. Most (all) of them are about losing a loved one whether in death or just a tough break up may be unclear. Here goes:

  • All I Want by Kodaline
    This song is so very sad with lyrics like:
    All I want is nothing more
    Than to have you knocking at my door
    Because if could see your face once more
    I could die a happy man I’m sure

    So if you loved me
    Why’d you leave me?

  • Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars
    This song had me hooked the first time I heard it. It touched me in a way I will never understand:

    I sit by myself
    Talking to the moon
    Trying to get to you
    In hopes you’re on the other side
    Talking to me too
    Or am I a fool
    Who sits alone, talking to the moon

  • Hate Me by Blue October
    I had this song for a long time and I never really listened to it. It took so long to start that I never really sat down to listen. When I finally did, I fell in love with it and the emotion in it:
    Hate me today
    Hate me tomorrow
    Hate me for all the things I didn’t do for you
    Hate me in ways
    Ways hard to swallow
    Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you

  • Paper thin Hymn by Anberlin
    I actually discovered this song on You Tube. I was watching this video and it was playing in the background and I liked it and the sound of it:
    When your only friends are hotel rooms
    Hands are distant lullabys
    If I could turn around I would tonight
    These roads never seemed so long
    Since your paper heart stopped beating
    Leaving me suddenly alone
    Will daybreak ever come?

  • Dark Paradise by Lana del Rey
    I only recently liked and heard this song. Someone close to me recommended it and then I heard it play on Vampire Diaries and I was like what the heck. I finally listened and I liked it when before all I liked was Video Games and Born to Die:
    Everytime I close my eyes
    Its like a dark paradise
    No one compares to you
    I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side

    These songs are pretty dark or emotional or both. I love them and they touch my heart

  • Word on Paper

    I’ve never been good at poetry;
    The expression of emotion, of passion on paper
    In words that could touch someone’s heart to their very soul
    I’ve never been good with words;
    Spoken or written
    I’ve never been good at manipulating words into something that brings tears to the eyes; to the soul
    A group of words that somehow transform into something so moving that someone’s breath would catch at merely reading it
    I wish I was
    I wish I could be
    But wishes are fickle things
    Though a time comes when something we wish for comes true
    So maybe I could be good one day
    Maybe a talent to bend and weave words into something breathtaking
    It’s all I’ve ever wanted
    Maybe if I want hard enough
    The want will materialise and masterpieces will be born
    Or maybe it won’t
    Desires and wishes are fickle that way;
    Not as solid as word on paper

    The Rain

    The rain,
    So many people write about the rain,
    So many people sing about it,
    So many people think about it
    They use it as a metaphor, as a sign, as a symbol
    They praise it
    They curse it
    Others just go about it and barely spare it neither thought nor glance
    As though it is nothing; as though it means nothing in their endlessly busy lives
    Those that dance for it when it is absent and those that dance for it when it is present
    Because to them it represents prosperity, growth, life; because really without it where would we be?
    Those that walk under its cold blanket and let it run down their faces in rivults to mix with their tears
    To mask their sadness
    Or maybe just to solidify that life is a sad, sad thing when they have a bad day
    For what better proof is there that life is sad than to have the skies darken and the rain pour on you after life kicks you to the ground
    The rain,
    And cursed
    But it is just the rain;
    Neither dead nor living
    Just drops of water from the sky that fall upon us
    Isn’t it?

    These Uncaring Hands

    You’re fat
    You’re ugly
    Why would anyone care about you?
    Callous words said by callous mouths
    An unthinking society made to believe it can judge you

    No one will ever love you
    You’re useless
    I wish I never had you
    Hurtful words said by hurtful souls
    By blood connected and nothing else
    An unthinking society made to believe you should have some loyalty to them

    Good for nothing but what your body can give
    Angry words said by angry hands and tongues
    As your society watches from the grooves of the unclean

    Agonized feelings said by an agony drenched soul
    With no one to care but yourself
    With everything beating you down and dismissing you
    And yet your society still watches from the pier as you drown yourself

    No one cares
    They don’t because they’ve been taught not to
    They don’t because they’ve been raised by the selfish and the callous and the hurtful
    They just don’t
    The unthinking society of the uncaring souls

    The Fanning of the Art

    When life strikes me hard, sometimes it’s a choice between crying… and venting that out into something. It can be reading a book, or venting out to a friend. Recently, I just got back into the habit of drawing. I remembered how much fun it all is and how much I love to create.

    This time, I was in the mood for the fan art. Despite Naruto Shippuden’s love for all things filler, I still love the show and I did a few drawings.


    Little cute Gaara!


    Gaara in a suit.


    I only recently got into drawing with Photoshop so this is a bit rough. But I wanted to draw these girls and I just went with it,

    I have a weakness for the Kazekage

    I have a weakness for the Kazekage. And I was trying my hand out at the whole shirtless male drawing.

    What’s Left Behind

    Note: I found some old poems just lying around in my desktop so I thought “what the heck, let me upload them,” enjoy the unhappiness of them.

    I hate you
    Its how you left me here alone with a person I don’t recognize
    The face in the mirror staring back at me is not me
    It’s a product, a thing, a curse you left behind
    The tears you left spilling in your wake darken the spaces in my eyes
    Your back turned to me is all I see
    Over and over
    A wraith is all that is left; all that is left from my ashes
    You lit me up into a thousand flames and watched me burn until all that was left of me were the ashes
    You watched my eyes burn and grow haunted, til nothing was left inside
    Until I was nothing more inside
    Only hollowness that eats at my soul and burns it in the fires of a thousand suns; blazing and throbbing painfully with every single breath
    Another me is left behind, distorted into a horrible shape
    Your eyes they haunt my every moment; I sleep they are there
    I wake and they are all I see
    When will the torment end?

    Cringe Worthy Typos

    After a long absence because I lost inspiration, I’m back *cheers*. Inspiration struck again.

    I found these random pictures of typos in Zambia, one of which embarrasses the heck out of me as a Zambian because it’s just bad. Actually they all do but one took the top spot. Guess which one.

    Classic R-L syndrome. I had no idea it translated into writing.

    Classic R-L syndrome. I had no idea it translated into writing.

    Iron shits work pretty good as weapons

    Iron shits work pretty good as weapons

    Mind you, this is a NATIONAL newspaper this ad appeared in. I can't even

    Mind you, this is a NATIONAL newspaper this ad appeared in. I can’t even

    Depth and Despair

    If you only listen to the cries of the sky
    The agony and pain I’ve felt at your hands
    By your doing
    Listen to my soul as it weeps
    As its split open left to moan, alone
    Where am I?
    Whay am I doing?
    Walking on an endless road that leads to nowhere
    No place that won’t drown my heart
    I can’t breathe
    I can only make the sound of a wounded animal
    The wind bites at my skin
    The spray stings my eyes
    Down there is my salvation
    So I do the only thing I can
    I follow my salvation, my peace
    Have I found it? Maybe
    But no one but the birds and wind will ever know
    You will never know
    Would you care?
    Will I?
    Where am I?
    What am I doing?
    Walking on a road to an abyss
    Walking, running, falling
    I no longer feel the wind
    Nor the cries of the sky
    Its tears no longer touch my skin
    Nothing can
    A light? Hope?
    No; nothing
    Nothing but blackness
    Nothing but pain and despair
    Is this me now?
    Here in the depths all alone?
    You have ruined me

    Anime Memes part 1

    I’m back after one heck of a break! Yay for me. I was having a lot of trouble with the internet and just general busyness (psh sorta). Anyway I just feel too out of it to write anything substantial.  So this is what I got. Forgive me 😦



    I need to find some more! Next part will be better. This I promise. Its no secret that I love anime. Haha